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What is the difference between 'Search Everything' and 'Search Threads and Posts'?


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As asked before I was wondering:

Also, I still don't understand why the Advanced Screen of (A) has a button [Search Threads and Posts] which brings you to yet another Search Screen. Why can't these screens be combined into 1? What is the difference actually between them?
well, for the "Search" I anyway do not understand why there are 2 different search screens ? The "Search" and the "Search Threads and Posts".

It seems there are only a few search-options added when hitting "Search Threads and Posts".
Are those 2 different search-screens required to be separated or can those be merged into just one "Advanced Search"-page ?

[Search Everything]
Search Everything.png

[Search Threads and Posts]
Search threads and posts.png


1: What does 'Everything' mean in 'Search Everything'? Apart from Profile comments there is no other content available on XenForo then Threads and Posts. So I was assuming that 'Everything' would mean that it also searches those Profile comments, but it doesn't. So then...:

2: What is the difference between 'Search Everything' and 'Search Threads and Posts'? It seems that we only have some more options in the [Search Threads and Posts], but why do we need 2 seperate tabs for it then?



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I suspect this may be the framework for future implementation.

P.S. I've moved this to general support from suggestions.