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What is the default font and size Xenforo uses? Why? Do you like it?

I was just curious if anyone knew the default size and font name that Xenforo uses. I think it is very pleasing to the eyes. I was curious where I can see it in the settings.

How do you feel about it?

Jeremy P

Well-known member
XF 2 uses a system font stack, meaning it tries to use the system font of whatever operating system you're using. For Windows this is 'Segoe UI', for Mac/iOS it is 'Helvetica Neue', for Ubuntu it's 'Ubuntu', and for Android it is either 'Roboto' or 'Droid Sans' depending on your version. There are a couple others I'm not too familiar with, probably for more obscure operating systems or versions.

In posts, the font-size appears to be 15px.