What is exact width in pixels of a header logo extended to full width?


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I really like the way the header logo aligns with the left boundary of the XF container in the default configuration but I would like to extend my custom logo to the corresponding right boundary.

What does the exact width of the logo image need to be in pixels, please?

Many Thanks!


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On the fixed width style the page is 976px wide.

On the fluid style however, it depends on the monitor resolution.
Thanks for the heads up on that distinction, Brogan.

How do I tell if my template is fixed or fluid? (My hunch is that it's fixed since based on the default template, but still in kindergarten here...).

If fluid, seems like then I would need to CENTER the gif location rather left justify it - is that correct?

If so, how would I do that?
Thanks very much!


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PS re if fluid (seems like a good idea): Center it or have the image itself scale as the template does.
I think .jpg is the correct format for that scalability. Am I correct in that? If not what image format would be necessary for that header logo image to scale according to monitor resolution?
Again, thanks!

PPS: Who you likin' for Spa? Is Vettel gonna walk away from the pack? I'm still not used to hearing "renault" when talking about a points leader after sooo many years of McLaren v. Ferrari jostling for the cup.