What happens to old vb albums if upgraded to xf w/out 'media' addon?


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As it says on the tin, what happens to all my members' photo albums and attachments if I don't purchase the media addon?
well that's rather off putting...

I'm not opposed to spending a few more pennies, but if every little addon that should by today's standards be defaults, is going to be charged both as a standalone product and at renewal, that's just bumping things up considerably.
Add to the cost of potentially hiring someone to transfer from vb5 to xf, the initial license, etc. it's getting quite a high purchase.
So vb5 = $250 for life of product
XF with all addons (and still not as many functions as vb5) = $260 + annual renewals.

Hmmm, I'm sure you can see why I'm having second thoughts...
If vB5 fits your needs and fulfills the performance requirements you have, then you may be better staying with it. To expect another package to have feature equality amongst each of them (WBB, vB, XenForo, IPS) is not a valid outlook.
You would have the same issue with WBB or IPS 4 as none of them support user albums in the manner that you are asking about.
Tracy, I completely understand your point and wouldn't expect different companies products to be identical. However, uploading images and having your own bit of space for an album is hardly ground-breaking technology... It's standard for most socially orientated sites. Likewise having an importer for other products, especially main competitors should be standard. I know the vb3x and vb4x importers exist but it seems ill-thought out to ignore vb5, leaving it to outside sources to charge fairly hefty fees for the honour.

I really do like XF but it's just more money after more money after yet more money but seems to lack fairly fundamental sections that should by today's standards should be default (IMHO). And call me racist, but I'd rather hand my money over to a British company than a foreign one, especially given the issues of Brexit... we need to spend money on our own land to ensure we stabilise the economy.
Actually, the only paid script in main use (vB, IPS, WBB, XenForo) that I'm aware of that comes with built in user albums is vB.
There are importers for forum -> forum (users/posts/likes) for most other paid scripts (exception is vB5). I have in use XenForo, WBB and IPS and none of them have user albums in them.
There are importers for the vB user albums into the galleries for those scripts (an additional add-on) so in reality vB is the exception, not the rule.
As for the reason of no vB5 importer, there are not that many sites that are using it so it's probably not economically feasible to do one. You can always do a double import (I believe IPS has a vB5 importer - I'd have to check my records).
I'm don't think myBB has built in user albums (again, I'd have to check my other site but pretty sure I'm correct) and don't believe phpBB3 has them either (haven't used it in a while).
XenForo is primarily a forum script with optional add-ons (the same as IPS and WBB - albeit WBB has a framework that you can extend if you don't want to use their forums and just the core user stuff.
I think you misunderstood though. You can at a later date import the images once the gallery has been bought. They didn't even have a gallery when we imported vb4.
But that's not what he asked about. ;)
As it says on the tin, what happens to all my members' photo albums and attachments if I don't purchase the media addon?
He didn't ask if he could "later" import them.
And the point remains - even with the other scripts you cannot "later" import the user albums once you have imported the forum.
Thanks for your insight, Tracy. I'm still chewing on it all and looking into various options.. I couldn't afford to buy IPS just to convert from VB5, may as well as pay someone else to convert it at that cost. I'll look at option of getting XF, losing a month's data (since I updated to vb5, thus importing backed-up data from when I was running vb4) and importing that way.. I'll probably upset a few members doing so. I gather I'll buy the media gallery at the same time but it does take costs from $140 to $200+VAT... not even looked at blogs, articles, etc. yet :(
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