What happens to a User Upgrade if I remove or change a previous one?


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I have a couple of user upgrades live and members has purchased but I need to change one of them to a different price now - will this affect the previous subscribers at all?


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Recurring payments will not update. If it's not recurring then it doesn't matter.
Ok here is my dilema...

can you please let me know what options I have?

1. I have a subscription with a lot of subscribers but I dont want any new members to be able to purchase it, can I just disable this so its not showing in the account upgrade section but all the subscribers will still keep their current plan?

2. Or can I adjust the price instead?

3. What if I keep the current subscription active but choose for the new subscribers to be in a different usergroup?

Help! Cause I dont want anything to happen to all my previous subscribers.


Jake Bunce

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Recurring subscriptions are persistent. You should not change the price of a recurring subscription because the existing subscriptions will fail to update. That means their paypal accounts will keep sending you the old amount until the individual subscribers update their subscriptions. You should create a new subscription if you want to change the price. Recurring payments for inactive subscriptions should continue to be processed. Changes to group assignments for existing subscriptions will only affect new subscribers.