What happens if you tag a member from a forum they don't have permission to view?


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This is more of a "What if" question, but it has come up before on my forums. What happens if a moderator makes a post in our private moderators-only forum, and inadvertently uses the @ in front of a username of a regular member, turning it into a tag? Does the member get a notice that they've been tagged, then when they try to visit the thread they get a permissions error?

Or, another scenario, let's say we have a member who made a troll post, and in that troll post he tagged several people. While the post was in public view, some of the people he tagged logged in and saw it, thus removing the notice, but some others didn't log in and view it. Then, a moderator removes the post to an "undisclosed location" (ie, we have a private sub-forum of our moderators-only section where we remove posts from public view). Do those notices go away because the post was removed to a place where those members have no permissions to view?


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They don't get notified if the post wasn't viewable at the time of tagging.

If they are tagged and could view the post at the time, the alert wouldn't be explicitly removed if you moved the post elsewhere (for example), but the permission checks would prevent the alert from being seen. (They would have a count indicating there's an alert.)