Add-on what happened to "Member Map" extension?


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yes... but there is no more support for. I don't think it's working on 1.2 beauce there allready some problem running it stable on xf 1.1 ...

also, he stopped activity here. what a pitty...


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Member map looks like a good addon to have. Maybe someone else can take it over? What are the rules on abandoned stuff? Can any of this be set to be open source so another developer can pick up the reigns?


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You must contact the developer unless an add-on was released under a free license permitting code changes and redistribution (rerelease).


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I will. But first I have to get a installation routine done.

Also, I have to move the geolocation from my java code to php but thats kindergarden.

Hold on :)


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Guys, any traces on Member Map follow ups?
It stopped working on 1.4.*, it doesn't show members anymore, when zooming in on a cluster... :((((