What happen to digital point site?


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Some technical issues that started from some idiot rearranging our power circuits... Ended up tripping breakers in the data center. Hardware is back online, still working on getting the database cluster back online. DB clusters aren't designed to have the power plug pulled from all nodes at once.
Weird, my server just went offline, too. Are we neighbors!? Well, are we!? :p


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So this ended up causing something interesting... lol I've never really liked the monitoring systems out there, so I started up build my own...

The system lets you build a dashboard with dials (and other objects not shown here) that change in realtime (well every 15 seconds).

Still a work in progress, but it's pretty useful so far. :) Most importantly, now we would know REAL quick if someone plugs something into the PDU at the top and the amp draw goes up.