What "files" does Xenforo need to import a vB 4.x forum


Does Xenforo essentially just need the database? I ask because I've got vB 4 installed in my web root folder and I intend to install Xenforo there too. Therefore, my preferred install step would be to back up my entire host, clear out the entire public_html, install Xenforo, and then do the import from the database. What if any files do I need to keep from vBulletin?


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Just the database and any avatars or attachments if they were stored in the file system.

The actual software isn't required.


Awesome. Thanks! I actually did a test install and load and it worked perfect.

On a related note, I purchases Xenforo last night but I'm unable to access anything in the paid member forums (meaning, read only). How do I get access?