What do you do for member of the month awards?


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Howdy! Some of the forums that I've recently converted to XF do a "Member of the Month" thing. Since we've just converted and everything is new and fresh, I was looking around for ideas and thought I'd ask to see what others are doing? Plugins? Added features? Awards? Trophies? Please show me some examples!

PS: Mods, sorry if this is the wrong section, wasn't sure if this was the right place to post but couldn't find a better one.


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I don't do a member of the month, but you can manually award them a trophy w/ some points. :)


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I use user rank ribbons on my forum. I have a banner/ribbon for the top three for the month using the Top User add on. I also use BD Banking and give 200 points for 1st, 100 for 2nd and 50 for 3rd. They keep the banner for the month and I have a thread for it in my contest section.

I also use that for bigger contests. For that they get a banner. In February I had a member win a contest for posting events in the event calender (XenAtendo). He gets a "February Winner" banner for a year.