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XF 1.2 What do the files in internal_data/attachments do?


I use a host where I have to pay for every mb of data stored on their servers every month (flexible payment model). I was looking through the xenforo files, and I saw that the attachments folder was by far the largest folder. Now, I was wondering if this is simply related to attachments made to post and similar, and how important they are? I have recently changed my user policy for attachments on my forum, so I am asking all users to delete attachments to their posts and replace them with upload links. When this is finished, would it be possible to delete any of those files?
I know it may be a very stupid question, and the results might indeed be fatal. I'm just curious as to what the best way to save diskspace is...


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Those are the full size attachments, which only those with permission to view can see.

The data directory is for the thumbnails.

If attachments are removed from posts, they will automatically be removed from both directories.


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I'm just curious as to what the best way to save diskspace is...
You really should reconsider this solution. Links become dead resulting in threads losing valuable information.

I suggest if you afford it, get a plan which allows larger storage space.