What colour / color socks should I wear this morning?


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I'm just sat here drinking my coffee and thought i'd share with everyone here what I was thinking. I need to get into this off-topic vibe. I can't decide whether to wear black or grey socks today. Anyone help me with this?

I'll upload some pictures later if I have the time featuring me smiling with a great background and holding my choice of socks so we can all decide. :whistle:


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Well today i'm wearing some black shoes with dark blue jeans and a grey top. I'll have to continue this debate later as I've got plenty to do today but for now i'll just wear both pairs.


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lol! i love seeing chicks barefooted, if their feet are pretty, but men.. nah not my thing lmao. :p also, men barefooted in shoes.. no, not good lol. for some reason, females barefooted in shoes, or just plain barefoot is nice thing :)
what? guys can't wear rainbow sandals?


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I can't imagine the situation choosing socks as I never wear them. Barefoot lady except I do wear soft Moroccan slippers to go out.

Barefoot is sexy - it means the foot spreads out naturally to grip the grounjd, develops far stronger muscles, and the whole balance of the body's walk is earthy and deep and balanced. That space between big toe and the rest which a barefooter gets is gorgeous.
Shoes cramp the body's whole balance and balance is so important for sex. Plus they make feet smell.

Men barefoot in casual leather loafers are sexy. Especially with some hair on the leg.
But soft - must be soft leather - boots are very sexy too. Texan for choice. But barefoot at home.

Trainers of course are disgusting. They stunt the walk, blinding the foot to the texture and shape of the ground. They stiffen the sole so it can't grip. they convert the foot into a stiff hoof, instead of a complex sinuous dancing work of art. They make feet stink. Ugh.