What code do you need to edit to stop flood and spam control.


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What code do you need to edit to stop flood and spam control? I want people to be able to have live conversation in the forums...
Look into Home->Options->Messages
"Minimum TIme Between Messages(seconds)

I would advise you to looking into the permission "Can bypass flood check" permission for certain users or groups


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Yes!! It works! Thanks! Wow! I am going to love XF. Anyone want a IPB license for 110$?

I am sure you will find the software is remarkably easy to work with.

Also just so you know the staff has stated discussion of the sale of items and services on XenForo.com should be limited to XenForo services only.

It has been decided that the buying and selling of domains, licenses or products in general is not permitted on XenForo.com.

There are other forums which are more suitable for this.

We hope you all understand the reasons for this stance.

For the avoidance of doubt, there are no such restrictions with regards to XenForo related services, add-ons, modifications and resources, in their respective forums.