What attracts spam bots?


My site has been flooded before by bots to the point where it's inaccessible by anyone.

What attracts these bots?


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The easiest way to stop spammers is to have a good Question & Answer in the registration. However not all forums are suitable for this, you have to have a forum with a topic that is not too broad. What is your forum about?


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What attracts these bots?
Spammer scripts have search capability to locate websites using software the spam script supports. I found that spam bots landed at my sites by searching google for terms that every xenforo board has in the html source.


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Tools like scrapebox or senuke will track down forum footprints, lets face it. we're easy targets but there are loads of ways of dealing with it

Things they look for are

"Powered by (forum software) then a keyword relevant to their market etc. They go by scale and if you have half decent stats like domain authority, a few members etc then they'll come and try to get backlinks etc


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Unpatched forums give off a sort of sickly smell, that spambots are attracted too. Applying patches usually makes the smell go away.