What are you drinking?


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Currently coffee. I'm one of those people whose body refuses to function without copious amounts of it.I'm also a sucker for Coca Cola Zero.

When it comes to alcohol, it depends on my mood and the circumstances. In the summer, a nice wiess-bier (Hoegaarden with some lemon), or perhaps a fruity Kriek. Ideally, though, I'll have a Trappist (Double . Preferably Westmalle), a Guinness or an ale. I'm also a big sucker for Whisky, most notably the Islays. If I ever get a son, he'll be named Laphroaig :D


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Now I'm drinking a herbal tea that's supposed to help you sleep... since it's 6.30am, I'm still awake and I'm nowhere near sleepy lol! Maybe I should have tried something stronger a while ago...


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I was a drunkard with Carlsberg...lol
That's Scandinavian beer If you try it then, be sure you will like it.