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What are the pros and cons of using the facebook integration?


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Personally I would never use facebook integration on a site as I wouldn't necessarily want my all my internet habits, likes from sites external to facebook shared with the people I have on facebook. Different social circles and whatnot. It's that interesting I'll post it directly onto my wall.

However how would the introduction of the facebook login affect other users of a forum if it was switched on? Do people currently with dedicated forum accounts merge with their facebook login details or how does it work?

If at somepoint someone wants to retract their facebook login details and use a dedicated login again would they have to re-register?

Just really wondering if there's any major pros/cons for the rest of the users as well as those who would actually use it.

Ta :)


XenForo moderator
Staff member
There is no merging of accounts, it simply enables those with a Facebook account to initially register and subsequently log in by clicking on the Facebook button.

All it does is use the Facebook user ID and password to initially create the account.
Both of these can be changed.

Anything done on the forum or Facebook is not shared between the two applications.

The Like/Recommend button can be clicked but that is completely seperate and doesn't even require a forum account.

You can also associate your Facebook account in your forum account profile.
That will enable your Facebook friends to see which threads and pages you have Liked/Recommended.

There is more information and detail in the manual: http://xenforo.com/help/facebook/