XF 2.2 What affects the !$user.isSearchEngineIndexable() conditional?


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I want to prevent that Google indexes member profiles and while looking at the member_view template, I noticed that there already is a conditional for this:

<xf:if is="!$user.isSearchEngineIndexable()">
    <xf:head option="metaNoindex"><meta name="robots" content="noindex" /></xf:head>

However, I'm wondering, what is necessary to make this conditional "true"? I haven't found an option to not allow indexing of member profiles, so what exactly affects this conditional? Of course I can just get rid of the conditional statement and my issue is solved, but I would like to understand this as it may not be necessary to modify the template. Maybe I overlooked an option somewhere?!


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At this time, this is mostly a placeholder function in the code. There aren't any switches that control it, but it serves as a point where an add-on could expand functionality, for example. (It was added primarily to mirror functionality added to threads which does define criteria over what threads are indexable.)