What about blogs?


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Onimua is trying to have it tested and everything by Wednesday.
Yeah I was hoping to insert that bit of info but didn't want to mention it as being official on the off chance it went over the wednesday at the latest specified date. So far it's look and shaping up to be a brilliant product and feels like it's part of xenforo. The LN Blog is a top notch product and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to have a blog on their forums.


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I currently own a few VB licenses but I may consider using XenForo. The thing is that I need the Blog functionality that VB has.

It looks like you don't have this at present. Will you implement such a feature soon?

For me, the blogs are an absolute must. It doesn't matter how good XenForo gets in time. If it doesn't have blogs that I will not able to use it.

The BLOG is a big add-on. It would be better if you - the core team - would develop this.
The "official" vBulletin blog took YEARS to come out and was still very average and the integration was terrible. Plus it was missing so many features of free software like Wordpress why bother?

I would look at the options offered.