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XenForo moderator
Staff member
Hello :)

Nice member title :D

Hope you're keeping Mr Kier fed and watered while we take up every minute of every day.


Well-known member
Boxy? When I used Windowblinds, a few moons ago, there was a Boxy there. I remember the contributors name because I always liked their work. Same person, or coincidence?

Welcome to the site, Boxy, :)


Well-known member
Hm, I thought you were here already but just hadn't posted. :confused:

Glad you're seeing all the positive feedback Kier and Mike have gotten. :D


Oh you're just saying that. :p
I remember joining Jelsoft team and working together with Boxy on tickets :) I had great fun.
And when I was in the UK with Howard and met up with the Jelsoft team J. was there too. Was great meeting her.
And here she is again :)