Lack of interest Welcome mail: add option to attach (legal) documents via ACP upload

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Use case:
providing each newly registered user with a copy of any legal documents which explain the rights and obligations of the user contract, like
  1. the terms of service and
  2. the privacy policy
or other documents, like a code of conduct.

by now it´s hard to proof on which initial legal basis a membership was founded. New registrations are flagged in their accounts, wether and when they have accepted the TOS and/or policies, but not their content on the day of registration. Actual we had a legal dispute, where this information was not sufficient for the court and could not be accepted as evidence, since a database can in principle be manipulated by subsequent changes. The court advised us that proof of the sending of the TOS and/or privacy policy - for example by inspecting the original of a sent message and its attachments - could be accepted as evidence. In our case, we had to agree to a settlement. On the one hand, to avoid a verdict, on the other hand, to keep the costs as low as possible (total: 1300 EUR).

In summary, this option would provide
  1. provable legal relationship and basis of the membership on the day of registration
  2. hard copy of the TOS and policies, as those published on the website may change over the years
  3. preventing legal issues, misunderstandings or interpretations and how-could-I´ve-known nonsense
for both parties.
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