Welcome e-mail on registration?


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when a new user is registering, does he actually get a "Welcome E-mail" from the system?
Where do I find the phrase for altering this Welcome E-mail - if there is any?

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Digital Doctor

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Ragtek did something along these lines.
http://xenforo.com/community/threads/ragtek-new-user-notification-system-nuns.15166/ [thread closed]
http://ragtek.org/xenforo/threads/new-user-notification-system-1-1.230/ [ragtek.org]
- New user Profile Post.
- New user Post.

This add-on includes the features from this add-ons:
ragtek new user conversation
ragtek new user mail
ragtek new user thread
(if you use one of these add-ons, you would need to deinstall or deactivate it!)

With this add-on you're able to:
Send Welcome Conversations to new members
Send Team Notifications when somebody registers
Create an Welcome Thread
hope that helps.


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I am just looking to send an e-mail to a user, after he confirmed his registration.
Just a simple "Welcome E-Mail".

Not willing to install an add-on for this.

Digital Doctor

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Not willing to install an add-on for this.
Always an option.

Here's hoping the Xenforo of your dreams pulls up in the driveway.
Honey! I'm home !

But I think you should get off your a$$ and install the thing now.
If it breaks, I'm sure it'll be easy to fix.