weird cpanel error


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i try install test xenforo site and got this inside error log and 500 internal error when try start install.

[Fri Sep 09 21:38:35.963312 2016] [:error] [pid 21381] [client ] SoftException in Application.cpp:255: File "/home/budimuzika/public_html/index.php" is writeable by group

Tracy Perry

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can hosting resolve this, i dont want mess with that

Depends.. typically only a managed hosting provider will get into shell/CLI mode (where I work from) to help. And you have to be on a VPS or dedi for them to do it.
I don't know if on a cpanel/WHM install if the accounts are set up with shell access regularly (most likely not). If you do have cPanel/WHM and shell access then they can probably do it.


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Is it just one file, or are the permissions wrong on all of them? If it's just the index.php file, go into WHM, go to File Manager, left click the appropriate index.php file, and up top (just below your address bar) you'll see "Change Permissions". It has a little key next to it. That will allow you to change the permissions of that file.