Website Width Toggle (CC by)

Website Width Toggle (CC by) 1.1

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Tracy Perry

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Thanks Cedric. I noticed that it defaults to the 90% on fluid. I use 98% and found that you can change it in the sedo_website_width_toggle_members_fluid.css.
    .pageWidthDefault {
        {xen:helper cssImportant, @property "sedo_websitewidth_fluid";
margin: 0 auto;
width: 98%;
@property "/sedo_websitewidth_fluid";}
edit: I see you can also set it in the appearance/style properties but I've got a "bad" habit of editing stuff directly in the extra.css for some weird reason. :LOL:


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A small feedback, if you use a fixed width (in px) and a fluid width (in %) with this addon and your theme is responsive, set the fluid width as the default width.


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@cclaerhout thanks for updating this mod for 1.2.

I've noticed when you have a fixed width theme and you try to sort threads and submit, the theme changes to full width theme on page reload, with theme selector now missing... I just looked in the source of the reloaded page and noticed your mods javascript file or css was not included in the header, maybe a bug?


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Is this going to be updated for XF 1.3?

I have a bug where I click the toggle & the toggle moves to the top of the screen until the page is refreshed.