XF 1.5 Website requires refresh to update


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Hello, first of all I'm sorry if this is the wrong section or if it has been answered before (I have not found information on this), but my website always takes a few seconds before I can refresh and see something I put up appear.

Example, when I upload myself a new avatar, the upload will be done and I'm on profile page, I hit refresh and it shows me with the old avatar, I need to wait 2-3 seconds then I can refresh and see the new avatar.

It is not a major issue, but it is mostly annoying when I change the website settings in ACP because let's say I update a user group permission and do multiple different settings in it, then I click update and remember i forgot another setting, so I change it but after clicking update it goes back to the old settings since i didn't wait 2-3 seconds to refresh and i end up saving new modified setting and losing the setting I did before.

Sorry if I don't explain myself properly or for my english.
I'm not sure if it's just how Xenforo works or if there is something wrong with my server configuration or hosting.

Thank you!

Jake Bunce

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What is your forum URL? I would like to examine the response headers. Some server configurations and modules can cause caching issues, and this is sometimes revealed in the response headers.


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Looking at the headers from your site, it appears that Varnish or some other system "above" XenForo is caching the response. I'm not sure where this has been added, but the caching would need to be disabled there. This may be coming from your host or a reverse proxy (if you're using that sort of service).


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Hello Mike,

Thank you for your input, I contacted my host and they confirmed they have Varnish, they're going to remove it from my domain so I can see if it fixes the problem.