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Has anyone got any experience with Webfusion VPS hosting? Are they any good?

I've been looking at reviewed and all the ones I've found seem to be from disgruntled customers from years ago and wondered whether they had got any better?


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I work on behalf of Webfusion.

As no one else has replied to your question, the main benefits of a Webfusion VPS are;

- 24/7 support
- Unlimited bandwidth
- No fuss 30 day money back guarantee
- Mega-fast processing speeds
- Webfusion data centre.




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Thanks Ricky,

I've ordered a VPS from Webfusion, and while its only been a month I would recommend them to anyone that's looking for a host in the UK. I was put off by some of the bad reviews I'd seen but all seems good so far, and worth the risk. My few dealings with support have been positive. I suppose the real test of a host is when its not all plain sailing and something goes wrong, which I've not experienced yet but so far so good.