XF 1.1 Webdav questions


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1) In the user and password area of dreamweaver server configuration, do you put the mysql info or the forum admin info?

2) Once you've set up the webdav, where exactly do you put the css to see the results? Do you need to create a .css file? Do you put them on an already present file?

3) Once you're done with the css, how does it transfer to my real server? Do I have to export the xml file like if I was going to do it through the ACP or is it a new method?


Jake Bunce

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1) Admin info.

2) The client creates local files from the templates on your forum:


You can edit the CSS templates using dreamweaver once webdav is setup.

This thread has some discussion of webdav, and the 3rd video in the first post has a tutorial about it:


And this post has more detailed instructions:


3) Webdav takes care of that. You edit the template in dreamweaver and it communicates the change to your forum.