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Does anyone know of an addon that will let me open my cam, broadcast to others, let them chat next to my cam, receive tips, have option to record/save videos (by permission of course)....etc.

Basically, like Twitch and some of the adult cam sites.

No add-on for this exists that I'm aware of. It likely would require quite a bit more than just a xenforo add-on to work though, you'd need an infrastructure for streaming first
Perhaps an addon to integrate the streaming infrastructure.

Anyone know another solution?
Anyone have experience with AVChat?
I do. I can tell you that there isn't a tip system, however there is a pay per session module exclusive to wordpress (although I have no experience with that module).
Also, you do have the ability to save all webcam sessions of all broadcasters, but they aren't available to the end user as is. They are saved server side. You would have to physically move them to a publicly accessible web directory. Also worth noting, this does require an additional server software to operate, Red5 (Free), Wowza or Adobe Media Server.

Ironically, I am working with the dev to get a copy to demo on my site
We could probably have the tip system coded in. There's a bunch of extras we would need too.

Anyone know similar solutions?
Anyone run AVChat?

I don't like the demo because there's no live users on it. I want to see it in action before spending upwards of $1k for the unlimited version.

Even if I have the 15 day demo, it doesn't do me any good on a site that's not launched yet.
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