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I have just opened up my Web TV Forums and would really apriciate any feedback on what I now have with any ideas how to further improve it.

The link is as follows - http://webtvforums.com


Hi Dave, interesting idea + clean / simple layout.
I'd suggest adding an ABOUT menu item or an ABOUT category at the top w/ sticky posts.

You have TECHNICAL at the top - so I instantly assumed you're just a geek site... but are you?
Your MOVIES AND TV SERIES section has the most posts - so WHY is it at the bottom?

I suggest that you put your most active categories @ the top. But that's just me... if your focus is on tech, then maybe having tech @ the top is the right order.

If you are struggling to write an ABOUT post / page then visit some of the other sites or FB pages in a similar niche and learn how to create your own unique message. I think it is odd that many sites "hide" their purpose (like why does AVSforum.com put their ABOUT US in their footer?) but I also realize that most sites do not know much about marketing or the LEAN Business Model Canvas for Startups.

Once you determine your UVP & target market, it will help you figure out how to get more traffic & give you some ideas about how to generate activity - like starting a live weekly or monthly TV show / viewing event to be held at a local pub or bowling alley and "advertised" via meetup.com & flyers, twitter, FB, etc.

Anyway, I hope that adds $.02 cents to your site...


PS: the AVS ABOUT US page is actually pretty lame... it is really just OUR HISTORY vs. what the site is really ABOUT. The About page should be a really strong marketing / SEO piece.


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Hi Dave,

Tried to sign up but get this message:

Web TV Forums - Error

The system you are using to access this site has been banned.


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