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Web App Install Banner 1.0

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Amin Sabet

Well-known member
Amin Sabet submitted a new resource:

Web App Install Banner - Increase engagement with a web app install banner for your XenForo site

What this does is add an install banner that shows under specific circumstances when someone visits your site using Chrome on a mobile device. Your site must be https for this to work.

See: https://developers.google.com/web/u...p-install-banners-in-chrome-for-android?hl=en

Please note that you are doing this at your own risk. I cannot provide much support and am not responsible if you break your site.

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Amin Sabet

Well-known member
For those of you who are better at this stuff than I am, what is the difference between

{ scope: '/' })

{ scope: './' })

I noticed mine was slightly different from the sample one in missing the "." but seems to work fine.


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In Linux notation it's:

/ The root after domain

./ Whatever folder your in

Like domain.com/biscuits/

To be honest the scope for a service worker is cryptic