Google Web App Install Banners - How?

Amin Sabet

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I want to do this:

Basically it launches a banner asking people to "install" your site.

These are the steps they give:
  • You have a web app manifest file, which defines how your app appears on the user’s system and how it should be launched
    • The manifest must have a `short_name`, a name for display in the banner,
    • A start URL (e.g. / or index.html) which must be loadable,
    • At least an `144x144` PNG icon
    • Your icon declarations should include a mime type of image/png
  • You have a service worker registered on your site. We recommend a simple custom offline pageservice worker
  • Your site is served over HTTPS (service worker requires HTTPS for security)
  • The user has visited your site at least twice, with at least five minutes between visits.
Compliant web app manifest file: Check
HTTPS: Check
Service worker registered: Check
Site visited more than twice with at least 5 min between: Check

Banner not showing :(.

Has anyone gotten this to work on their Xenforo site?
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