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[WDF] Show Banned Users to Mods/Admins


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WDF Show Banned Users allows your moderators and administrators to see that a member has been banned. A message is displayed at the top of the banned members profile stating that they are banned, as well as who banned them, the ban date, reason and end time (if any).

As standard with XenForo, its impossible for a Moderator to see if a member has been banned. The only time they know is if the spam cleaner picks up members on the same IP, and it adds a strike through on their name.

To address this, I created this mod. We had HUGE problems on our own forums because of moderators not being able to see if a member was banned. This mod adds a simple banner to the top of banned members profiles, which is only visible to moderators and admins. If desired, its possible to edit the template and make the notification visible to all, or another usergroup.

Unfortunately I ran into problems when trying to also display this on the member card, however if I can work out what went wrong, I'll do an update.


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I noticed when installing the mod that it didnt create the extra template despite it being assigned to the mod. If this happens to you, the template is as below.

Template Name: member_view_banned
<xen:if is="{xen:helper ismemberof, $visitor, 4} || {xen:helper ismemberof, $visitor, 3}">
<div class="errorPanel">
    <p class="errorHeading">This user is banned.</p>
    <p class="errors">The user was banned by <a href="index.php?members/.{$banning_user_id}">{$banning_username}</a> | Date Banned: {xen:date $ban_date} | Ban Reason: <i>{$ban_reason}</i></p>
    <p class="errors">The ban will be lifted on: {$ban_end}</p>

Edit: False alarm - this only happens if you dont upload the library files included first!