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WDB Popular Content 1.0.5

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wdb submitted a new resource:

WDB Popular Content (version 1.0) - Shows a list of popular threads and most liked posts.

An add-on I made for my own use but thought I'd share.

It adds a page showing the most popular threads (ordered by number of users that have posted) and a list of the most liked posts. Time frame can be selected for last 3 weeks, last 3 months or last year.

You can see it running here

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Nice work. I've been wanting something similar to this...but won't reveal it as I want it unique to my site only :p


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This looks really good! Will hopefully have a chance to play with it this weekend.

A quirk I noticed... Clicking on the "Most Liked Posts" / "Most Popular Threads" link lands the users always back at the Last 3 Months page because the time identifier in the URL is not being retained.