WBB3 to xF with "äöü" chars


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I want to import my wbb forum to xf but special chars are not shown in utf8 Format, in a Thread.

They are shown in Ascii Code? (not sure what it is)
Here is a Picture

You can see the "äöüß" are shown different.
My Question now is how to convert them into "äöüß" before the import into xf?
Can i do it with any mysql command? Or do i need to edit every Thread?(Hopefully not ;) )

Hope my english is understandable :censored:


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Are all of the source and XF tables in utf8_general_ci collation?

Which importer did you use?
The problem could be due to the interim import.


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I was using an IPB before and imported over vb4 to wbb.
Dont know what side made the probs. But you are right, it was because of the Import.
I am always using the utf8 col.
Thought i can get this solved by any msql command to change all the Ascii into something readable ;)