XF 1.2 Way to Auto Recount Forum Display Order?


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I imported an SMF forum to Xenforo, and I have a LOT of forums (mostly subnodes) that are now numbered as they were imported, sequentially in single digits, and this is proving to be something of a nightmare. It was perfectly easy with SMF, because when creating a new board all you had to do was choose before or after or child of , etc., whatever other board in a drop-down menu. Believe me, if I had been making the site from scratch with Xenforo, I would never have gone down this path, but what's done is done. Now I'm in a situation that creating any new node is a right pain in the arse, because inserting one new subnode into a list of other subnodes can mean having to manually redo the display order of 20 or more subnodes before or after it. And this is necessary because most of the nodes are in alphabetical order. And there's just way too many to go through the whole site, manually increasing in each subnode of each parent node in so many increments.

So I'm just wondering if there's a way to do this automatically? I'd like to be able to increase every node in the forum, starting from one, in ten or twenty or whatever other digit increments, so that I'd then have room to insert any new nodes without all this manual editing. Mind you, the bulk of this, adding new nodes, is done with - thankfully! - but every once in a while I'll still need to add one.

And I apologize in advance if there's an option to do this somewhere obvious and I missed it!



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The only way is to click on each node and change the display styling priority.
I suggest using increments of at least 10 (I personally use 100).

You may be able to do it via an SQL query but I haven't attempted that.


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So you're saying...I could very well be screwed. lol. That's actually about what I figured, to be honest, but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask. I guess I'll just have to do this on a forum by forum basis as I need to, as time-consuming as it will prove to be. This along with the way the subnodes had to be displayed up until 1.2 leads me to believe that the developers did not have complex site structures in mind when they started Xenforo - although I realize I'm in a minority! Anyway, thanks for the reply, I guess I'll get around to putting this one in the Suggestions board. ;)