XF 2.2 Best / Easiest way to auto register users?


Can someone please offer some possible solutions to this features I would like to implement... I had this working with vBulletin, but I'm not sure the best way to make it function with xenforo.

What would you suggest is the best/easiest way to automatically register users?

My Situation:
  • Users currently create an account though my website's home page
  • Their information is stored in a MySQL database (called main website's database)
  • I have a separate instance of Xenforo running on a separate server
  • I would like the users to be automatically registered with xenforo as soon as they click on the xenforo url, and land on the forum page.
  • As a bonus, it would be great if Xenforo could read certain values in the main website's database to determine the status of the user each time they access the xenforo forum. For example, if the user has been marked as banned, or marked as part of a group, so xenforo could then update their permissions in the xenforo database each time they access the forum's page.
Thank you for your suggestions.
That would require a custom developed solution.
Yes, I realise that.

I guess the question is for anyone who knows the ins and outs of xenforo: what would you suggest as the easiest path to take when creating a custom solution?

The question is more geared to a xenforo developer, or someone who knows the technical side, rather than a response from a user like me.