As designed Watermark is still visible on images even after you disable it


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If you watermarked images with watermark option from Gallery addon, and than disable watermarking images, still images have watermark and shows for users.
Same thing it is, if you set permission for usergroup to see watermark, and after that set permission to not show watermark for that usergroup.

I tried to rebuild watermark through rebuilding watermark cache in rebuild section in ACP, but no luck.

Also, I setup watermark with transparent part of it (PNG), but watermark is not transparent but white background show up where transparent should be.

Using latest Gallery version 1.1.13, imagick PECL installed on server

Chris D

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Disabling watermarks does not remove it from the existing images automatically.

You can manually remove them one by one or use inline moderation.

There are no permissions controlling who can see watermarks so I'm not sure what that refers to.

If you are having trouble with certain watermarks then please post a new support thread in the first instance with examples.