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Duplicate  Watched Topic Improvement


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With xF being new, I am reading and studying each topic in my search. I am finding a wealth of information and "watching the topic" some with email, some just watching without email.

I believe it would be good to have a way to organize the watched topics. Some type of folders of labeling system (prefixes maybe)

This would allow me to move /mark topics I am watching for future ideas for my site into one group. Topics I am watching because of a feature or a support topics into another group and topics I am watching because I replied into another different group.

It would also allow me to create if you will my own "guide to running xF" There are so many kernels of great information in the forums and when you stummble across one, you want to be able to mark it somehow.

Having the ability to separate what you're watching into some sort of grouping would be great in my opinion.




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Sorry, I didn't think of searching for bookmarking. I was thinking a way to mange the watched topic, his suggestions goes further than mine, but would work well for what I am asking for.

I liked his topic. You can merge or close this thread if you would like to keep the forums neat..