Fixed Warnings - conversation sending (lack of error handling)


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When creating a warning, the option to send a conversation doesn't check if the title is set. If it isn't set (but the message and checkbox are), the warning is issued and the conversation silently fails to be created.

			$conversationInput = $this->_input->filter(array(
				'conversation_title' => XenForo_Input::STRING,
				'conversation_message' => XenForo_Input::STRING,
				'conversation_locked' => XenForo_Input::UINT,
				'open_invite' => XenForo_Input::UINT,

			if ($conversationInput['conversation_title'] && $conversationInput['conversation_message'])

Chris D

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Thanks, this is sorted now.

We give a specific error in the event that we have a title and no message or have a message and no title.