Implemented Warnings: a link to offending content would be helpful


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I did not really pay attention to this until today when one of our moderators brought this up. We've been trying to convert all of our member actions over to the Warnings system so we could have our history in one place, but we just realized today that when a warning is issued, there is no indication of what the warning was for, other than a reason.

Currently, we have a non-public staff area, and have kept a series of threads going. The staff usually discusses a bad post and/or member, with a link to the offending post, and in a separate section, we keep a thread running with the member's name as the thread title, and a record of our actions (and associated staff threads) beneath.

Problem: in a warning, we have no link to go back to the offending content. I realize that we may not always issue the warning from the past post or thread, or from their profile if the violation was there, but to have the referring link automatically inserted into the warning would help us greatly, even if it could be automatically pasted (JavaScript, perhaps?) in the Notes field.

I did notice that in the Notes field, I can paste in a URL and it is clickable. But it is something that in the heat of the moment, a staffer may forget to do. (On a forum with 1200+ online, sometimes things are happening very rapidly as a thread spirals out of control.)

Do we need to see the offending content? Not today, as it will be fresh in someone's memory. But a few months down the road, we may see a reason of "inappropriate content" and need to know exactly what it was that they posted so we can deal more appropriately with a current violation.


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We did not have that content text in the warnings we checked...I'm going to have to look around some more.


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All warnings given through the XenForo system should have the content text. The warning needs to be attached to something.


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I see what they were doing wrong now...some were issuing a warning from the member's profile, not from the actual offending post itself.

So I guess you can hit the "delete" button on this thread... ;)

Thanks for the clue Jeremy!