Warning moderators

We have a forum where we have many groups, each group has their own sub forum which members moderate. Because they are a moderator of their group forum, if they break rules across the other forums it doesn't allow us to issue warns to them.

So I suggest that the 'Bypass warning' is created for the usergroup perms.


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If the groups you mentioned are social groups from an add-on, then I don't see a need for this, personally, as having a social groups add-on is the only situation where this can come up.

Daniel Hood

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I don't see how social groups are relevant st all.

The situation is simple. His staff has separate sections and no control over the rest. This can be done by default. Just because they have authority in board a doesn't mean they can break rules in board b.

It's like if I was a referee for the nfl and played in the nba. Just because I'm a referee in one league doesn't mean I can't get a foul called against me in my nba game.

Harpers Tate

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I agree with the OP.
A Moderator is only a Moderator when they are within "their" patch; they are just members elsewhere in the board.

(This seems to me to be a concept that XF hasn't exactly embraced as well as it might, and that causes issues with permissions in a large board with a large team).
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I know it's a very small and minor issue for most forum owners however this is a growing issue in my community. We have a large board with a vast variety of sections and staff. We're not using any social group plugin and we are happy with our current set up. I am sure it's a very simple fix too (probably an if statement).

We did not have this issue when using IPB or vBulletin so it's only fair that xF continues their amazing development to broaden the flexibility of the software.
I agree. I think the idea that you can't impose discipline on moderators is somewhat silly, though perhaps it would require some changes in report permissions...


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i have despised this facet of xf for years.
i hate the whole moderators as 'little gods' thing so much, i have created separate accounts with locked down perms that they must log into to undertake any moderation activity. that works pretty good, but only because i have a 'quick-switch' feature for multiple accounts. imo, out-of-the box xenforo moderation, warnings, banning, and ancillaries are abject failures. there is no flexibility.
It's the little things that count. The bans for me is perfectly fine. It's just the moderators being immune to everything which is annoying. A simple toggle in the perms would be awesome.

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imo, out-of-the box xenforo moderation, warnings, banning, and ancillaries are abject failures. there is no flexibility.
It's the lack of integration between warnings and reports, and no warning log which annoys me the most. It makes a workflow with an auditable 'paper trail' very hard to implement, and makes determining who is actively moderating equally hard.