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Fixed Warned post status after migration


Well-known member
I'm migrating from vB 3.8 where if a post has been warned you can see the yellow/red card when viewing it so you know that the post as already been moderated. However I can see that while warnings are being imported correctly, the warn status of a post isn't migrated so you have no way to know if a post has been warned in the past. I think this is a bug.


Well-known member
Posts that have been warned in vBulletin are not showing the "View Warning" link after the migration. Does the vB 3.8 importer also migrates this data?


Well-known member
Could anyone here confirm me please if the vB 3.8 importer also migrates the warn status of posts so you can see the "View Warning" text below them? I want to know because it's maybe a problem with the cli importer, if this is the case I'm afraid I'll have to switch to the standard web importer :(


XenForo developer
Staff member
This is fixed for the next 1.3 release. It should be fixed for all importers that import warnings (into one of the standard content types).