Rob H

Active member
under certain individuals posts( 2 new members) warn appears along with edit, delete, report. how do you hide warn from view

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
I'm admin and it shows up on the other admin and 1 member but nobody else
That shouldn't be. You are not allowed to warn other admins and mods. Make sure those post authors are listed as admins / mods in these areas:

Admin CP -> Users
> Moderators
> Administrators

This is as opposed to just adding them to the admin / mod usergroups.

Rob H

Active member
Sorry my mistake i created a new user group admin advisor it shows up with the warn
then the next day a new member joined and i had to maually set permissions because the previous super mod had it set that way I have now changed that setting. Plus the new user group Admin advisor does not show up in staff online.