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Want to buy XenForo - Have some doubts

Discussion in 'XenForo Pre-Sales Questions' started by partapi, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. partapi

    partapi New Member

    Hey guys! Have been surfing this forum from last 2 days and I am very convinced with the working or XF and I am really impressed on seeing how cooperative this community is. I want to create a new forum and need your advice.

    1. I've tried MyBB in the past and found it really great! I want to know WHY should I use XenForo when I can use MyBB. I mean, what's there in XF which is not there in MyBB?
    2. I want to create a professional "paid" forum and want to know is there any inbuilt functionality in XenForo like integrating PayPal, Clickbank etc. to sell paid subscriptions? Is it possible that there would be section where the thread can be posted only after the poster pay a little fee? Like if someone starts a thread he's redirected to a payment page and after he makes the payment, his thread is posted, without having me do anything?
    3. I really liked the "look" XenForo gives to a forum and like I said I want to create a "professional" forum and looks always matter. But can't it be done by purchasing a high class MyBB theme?
    Don't get me wrong, but I am confused and wants to make a correct decision before starting a forum. I don't hesitate in investing the money, but why to pay when you can get something for free? So, my main question is why should I consider XenForo over MyBB?

  2. oman

    oman Well-Known Member

    1. Try the demo - http://xenforo.com/demo/ and you'll see why. My response would be what is written on the homepage:
    2. XenForo has an account upgrade feature. http://xenforo.com/help/user-upgrades/ You set up a usergroup for the upgrade, and can set the permissions for the access to thread creation. You may require custom coding for re-direction on an attempt to create a thread.
    3. A MyBB style obviously won't work with XenForo. There are many stylers who take on custom work who I'm sure would be able to make a custom theme which is like a MyBB theme, or like the current theme you are using on your MyBB site.

    You will always get more satisfaction and better support investing money in a paid forum product. XenForo would have to be one of the most competitive options out there, and with the wealth of features you won't have much trouble making the software your own. Support is fast, whether it be ticket or community. With XenForo, you don't need to renew your license if you don't want to unless an upgrade comes after your license expires that you want. If you consider other options like vBulletin or Invision Power Board, I can guarantee you'll be coming back here.
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  3. RobParker

    RobParker Well-Known Member

    I think he means why can't he stick with MyBB and just get a professional style for it. My answer to that would be you could if you don't care about the extra features in XF. Also, if you expect your forum to grow significantly you should also consider that XF is likely much more scalable than MyBB for large forums.

    I'd recommend going with XF but as I'm posting that here that's quite obvious ;-)
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  4. partapi

    partapi New Member

    Yes, you got me right! I meant that. Well, I think, I need to know more about XenForo before I buy it.
    I am worried about "paid" subscription thing or the "paid" thread posting. I want to be fully convinced if it can be done there.
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  5. Arty

    Arty Well-Known Member

    Yes, it can be done. I'm using it on http://www.appliqueforum.com/ with few minor modifications.

    Drawbacks of current paid subscriptions:
    • When editing user you can't see his paid subscriptions and can't cancel it. To cancel it you need to go to account upgrades menu and find that user there.
    • When payment lapses for some reason, PayPal bills user again in a week. Problem is, forum automatically cancels subscription, so user can create second subscription and get billed twice.
    Currently I'm using custom code to overcome those drawbacks, planning to release it in few weeks as free add-on.
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  6. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Well-Known Member

    Let me put it this way... I ran myBB for a while and like it. I broke down one night after a few "small" nips of Patron Platinum and said to myself "What the h*ll, I think I'll buy a license to play with" after doing some research. Best thing I've EVER done. XF is WAY more scalable than myBB was, has quality add-ons, easily modified by an untrained person for styling and GREAT support. I was so thankful I was forced to go out and buy another few bottles of Patron since it hadn't steered me wrong. :p
  7. partapi

    partapi New Member

    I'll be waiting for your that add-on. It's great that you're going to offer it free of cost to the community.
    What if I don't want to create a "paid" subscription, but want every one to pay only at the time when they want to post a thread in a particular section only.
    It may be the user from ANY usergroup?

    Great! good to know that you started using XenForo and found it great!!
  8. partapi

    partapi New Member

    I've heard that few must have items don't have in XenForo like "Reputation System"
  9. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Well-Known Member

    There is a Reputation add on, as well as a fantastic add-on by Luke Foreman called Post Ratings. As for built in, no reputation system.
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  10. partapi

    partapi New Member

    Good! Can I start my forum on Shared Hosting and later on move it to VPS ? I am sorry for asking too many questions.
  11. pjfry

    pjfry Active Member

    Sure. I have started on shared hosting, but then I liked to add more features such as elastic search and so I moved to a VPS.

    So you can simply start on shared hosting as long as your shared hosting meets the requirements mentioned here http://xenforo.com/help/installation/ (the zip file a the top is for checking your hosting provider)

  12. partapi

    partapi New Member

    Great to hear! I've already checked that on Hostgator and they meet all the requirements.
    Can it happen that someone like me wants a specific version of PHP on my server, while another user wants a different one
    or what if my hosting company changes server config on request of one user and my forum stops working because it doesn't matches
    the server config anymore?
  13. pjfry

    pjfry Active Member

    Sorry I do not know Hostgator, but all hosting providers I know do not change their php version to a previous one, from time to time they will upgrade the php version, yes but not downgrade.

    So if hostgator is a professional hosting provider, which I believe, they do not change the php version because another user say so. Every single user can choose his personal version. This is only applied to him - and not all other customers on this server :)

  14. partapi

    partapi New Member

    I doubt it. But if that's true, then it's awesome!
  15. TsinJu

    TsinJu Well-Known Member

    Hostgator is good. They are fast but not that cheap.
    I am on namecheap and also happy with. Bit slowlier but cheaper and support is always on and helpful.

    I bought xenforo some Weeks ago (i liked it that much that i bought a 2nd one), before i was using vb, ipb, wbb and mybb.

    mybb was good, for a free software, they´ve been working hard on it, but support was.. hmmm struggeling ;)
    also some devs left mybb.

    On a Paid Software you get better support, btw the Community here is great, and if you pay for an addon you can be 99.9% sure you get it supported too.

    Template and CSS Edit is, for someone like me who know almost nothing about it, easy to do changes and if i dont know be sure i´ll get help from here

    Guess you should give it a try and you´ll see you will be happy and all doubts will vanish.
  16. partapi

    partapi New Member

    Thanks TsinJu for your input! I appreciate it.
    Is there anything in XenForo like stopping a guest from viewing the forum after certain number of visits?
    I know it's not a good thing always but I want to make a paid forum and it's a crucial thing.
    Also, is there any option where user can set their status like what they're? For example they're the "trainers" or the "learners". It should appear below their usernames and is visible on every post made by them?
  17. TsinJu

    TsinJu Well-Known Member

    You could add a Title to Guest names with whatever you want.
    See your Title as "New Member" so its possible to change that for Guests
    Giving a Guest the ability to set "some"thing... Hmmm i dont know ;)

    Motivating Guest is here.
    Paid Addon but you will get Support ;)

    So, most of what you need seems to be here ;) and whats not can be done for sure if you are willing to pay
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  18. borbole

    borbole Well-Known Member

    My add on linked above by TsinJu will cover the thread view limits for guests. About the second part, unless I misunderstood what you meant, it looks like you are talking about custom users titles. That is a default built in feature in xenforo.
  19. Robert F Schmitz

    Robert F Schmitz Well-Known Member

    Might want to check out Rathosting.com. I have some sites there and have been really happy with them.
  20. Morgain

    Morgain Well-Known Member

    chck out nimbus hosting - I've had superb service from them - very very fast support and always polite.

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