XF 1.5 Wamp Install


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i try to make it work on WAMP .

This is the folder root:

In it , all the files dowloaded:

Xen Files.PNG

But it says that it can´t find the DNS :

That sounds like a general WAMP installation/access problem. I'd just create a simple test HTML file and get access to that working. You might need to get some guidance from the WAMP project developers in case there are things you need to do with, for example, firewalls.
The point Mike is making is it's a WAMP/Windows issue, not XF.

You first need to get your localhost "server" working before you can install XF.
@Brogan , yep....I´ve try with :

-Window firewall off
-Anti virus off
-Malwyres etc off

The SQL DB is created in My SQL

The light is green , but no connection ......
Generally speaking, if someone can't get wamp working they likely will have even more issues getting Vagrant to work.
WAMP has issues with no explanation for no reason. I was having random error after error. In comparison, vagrant requires no work to get working and doesn't ever bail on you
Hello everyone,

wamp on green light...Database created......But , i have this message :


I can´t make it WRITABLE , even using the administrator rights on W10

Any ideas?
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