waaaaahhhhh!! Computer glitch ruining my chance for the 24-hour sale!


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A little over a week ago my bank called and said that due to a computer glitch on their end, my (one and only) credit card was deleted! :eek: They said it would take 7-10 days for my new card to arrive, and in the meantime I could simply give creditors the new card number (which they gave me over the phone). The problem is, they couldn't give me the 3-digit security code because it's unique to the card itself. To buy a XenForo license online I need that number, but my new card hasn't arrived yet! :( :( :(

If there is any way I can somehow get some sort of extension to take advantage of the sale, or be able to make the purchase without needing the CSC number, it would be hugely appreciated.


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You can ask any of your friends to buy it for you and then give them the cash back.
Surely there must be some people around you with a working CC.