Voice and Video Messages [Deleted]


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@rockstarmind Yes, the Bbcode conversion is required. If the conversion isn't done, the old voice and video messages will display bbcode tags instead of the media player.

If it's only a handful of posts, it can be done by hand in the post editor; just replace the custom bbcode with attach in the case of locally hosted videos, and media=youtube in the case of youtube videos.

@ichpen No and no.
Hey @TMA - the camera and microphone icon randomly disappeared for the first time since I've purchased the addon a couple of months ago...


Have you seen this error before?


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Due to a problem with our e-mail system, we haven't received most of anything sent to us in the past 8 or so days. Please send it again.
Ok just sent another email.

Is the addon appearing on my site fully dependent on YOUR server being up?
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@TMA - A core function of your addon isn't working. v1.1.5 was perfect in my opinion because I could click the microphone and record a voice message locally and it worked flawlessly.

Now I click the microphone icon (as I always did) and it gives me a video error. I even see a video camera in my browser instead of a microphone. The voice function doesn't work at all in v1.2 and v1.2.1

I'm not sure if anyone else is having the same issue I'm having with local voice recordings.

The new version broke all my existing audio and video (even after replacing the BB code). Also, the standard XF Video Upload doesn't work anymore.

I don't know what changed or why it had to change so drastically, since it worked perfectly for me, but it's very disappointing that your addon isn't working anymore.

Please help.


Still not a working demo? And the video embed will not play because the account was deleted by the user.

Interested but not without ... something ... to see what exactly we're downloading.