XF 1.4 Visitor Tab Question


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Alright so, I am working on altering the visitor panel on a new design and while I have this edited the way I want now, I need to be able to make the Visitor Tab in the navigation disappear when on a desktop but reappear when you hit about 480px.

Now I know to use media queries, I have tried the following:

@media (min-width: 480px){
.navTabs .visitorTabs {
display: none;

My issue is that when you are on a desktop and your resize the browser it doesn't show up when you bring it down to about 480px, only when you refresh the page.

Any Ideas how to fix this issue? Or any different method to accomplish this?

(visitortab as in where the username, inbox, and alerts are on the right side of the navigation)
*sorry no image atm.