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Visit us reminder


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I remember that in the old days of VB I've used a mod that periodically send an email to the users based on some criteria like, for example, the fact that the user never logged in for a month or a specified amount of time.

I don't think something similar does exist for Xenforo and I think that should be a noteworthy addition...

Digital Doctor

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"The user never logged in for a specified amount of time."

These emails can be useful. Good idea.

I wonder if there could be something better though.
You haven't logged in for X days seems like desperate begging.
The response rate must be VERY low.

Certainly better would be if that person is Watching a thread ... reply to the thread !
Then they'll see there was a REPLY to CONTENT they WANT.

I mentioned another idea - "EMAIL ME WHEN X is ACCOMPLISHED". [idea]

People could sign up for Alerts - and when the Alert maker accomplishes the requirements of the Alert .. and alert is sent out.

An example of this would be the Galleria addon. Many people are interested in it ... but waiting for it for a year and no public beta has been a challenge for some. If people could be alerted when a public beta was out .... they would be instantly notified when their interest came true.