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Vine.co BBcode Media Site [Deleted]


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In short...yes
Ill have to check way later today...my niece's birthday party here, I just woke up, look like a hot mess and everyone is showing up already
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Would it be possible to allow smaller embedds like offered here?

Ok so I am about to go to bed but here is what I am thinking.

You could replace the - Embed HTML: in the media site definition with any of these options to have only one allowed and have it admin set, or I could make a callback and allow for the link or the link.plus|option for the person posting to specify the size or layout, or I could make it responsive so it displays the largest version that it can safely in the page and leave the layout type up to the admin.


alright sleep time


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Personally, I'd prefer the person using it can decide which format should be used on the website. This would work very well for the purposes we have for it on the site, but others may have different ones. Anyway, thanks for considering it. Hope you had or are having a good sleep. ;)


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I just tested this with user selection for simple or postcard format and am just finishing up the responsive styling for it.

Works like this ( manually adding |0 or |1 )

https://vine.co/v/b55LOA1dgJU = simple
https://vine.co/v/b55LOA1dgJU|0 = simple
https://vine.co/v/b55LOA1dgJU|1 = postcard

Going back to bed and will probably have this done over coffee tomorrow morning.


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Ok I have this working with the choice of simple and postcard with somewhat of a responsive touch to it and from my testing on ff win7 it works (I don't like what I have to do to make it work so I may drop the responsive thing I did and make it all the smallest size ) ... @Thee would you like to give it a look and see if it works for you on your end?


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Well before I package it I wanted you to see it on my server and tell me if you see anything wrong with it when you resize your browser.


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What I showed you was just a test to see what it did and how it acted...I need to do something for it so that it does not act wasteful but still load all three sizes properly. Before I can do that I have a few things that I need to finish first.