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Viglink Addon- Earn income from user posted links


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Viglink is a new way to monetize your forum.

How it works Viglink checks all the links on your page then adds affiliate tracking to them and you will gain credit/income whenever someone makes a sale from visiting those links

Your forum members will not even notice that it is being used and is great way to gain income from your forums without having annoying advertisements.

I have already had great success and just started using Viglink in December was actually shocked since rarely do I generate affiliate sales at all.

What this addon does is adds options for Viglink where you can enter your api key or enter the full javascript code. This addon uses a hook to insert into the templates so no manual templates are required.

This is my first simple addon made for Xenforo hopefully more to come!



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Viglink does work good. I added it to the end of the PAGE_CONTAINER template though. I guess if you don't want to edit templates then this add on would be good.


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It is working for us. If you want you can send me a pc and I can give you screen shots and a link to a site where it is installed. There are some keys to making it work for you. It depends on the niche of your site, and also how you might market links. The thing it does the most is not having to worry about becoming an affiliate with hundred of merchants because it automatically adds an affiliation if a merchant is supporter.

One of our big ones is eBay and eBay pays on a per click basis and a lot of other merchants pay on a per sale commission basis.


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Any chance I can see a demo or this script in action?
I have some screenshots in the first post of this topic. Not much to see beyond that. Adds the viglink javascript to the page. Great for sites that users share a lot of links or classifieds for sale forums etc.


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I guess I'm a little confused about how this works then. I visited the cooperate site, but still didn't get it. I guess I'll have to do a test install or something to see how it works.


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So if I already have Amazon affiliate, does it pay the same rate?
You have the option to reaffiliate links or not. The payouts would be the same I think viglink takes a portion.

I guess I'm a little confused about how this works then. I visited the cooperate site, but still didn't get it. I guess I'll have to do a test install or something to see how it works.
Just adds affiliate tracking to links and you get a portion of any sale. Saves time so you do not have to join all those affiliate programs instead have one central place.


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? Why

Installed and.. Well, will see what will happen ;)
Is it possible to expand the addon if some has an Adblocker installer , a Text pop ups with some alert?
Most ads. are for american. For my sites target chinese audience, not easy to find a ad. vendor unless the traffic is high enough.


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This doesn't seem to work for me.

I put in the API key(taken from the code)

Then I put in the whole javascript code where it goes. When I click save, it saved, no error. However when I check with VigLink to see it was installed successfully, it says not detected. I ended up putting it in my template. However i'd rather have it working in this mod so that it works on all styles.


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Well, I set it up on my forum in November and its working really well for us. We're UK based and they have affiliates setup for pretty much anything you could want! eBay (most countries it appears, not just US), Amazon, AutoTrader...

YMMV, but as a forum with 4m posts and quite a lot of ebay links, its done quite surprisingly well for us. Long may it continue.

Payment is in US$ though, but as it goes into Paypal, it just gets converted and then paid out from there anyway.

As to the impact on users, no-one's even noticed it, it doesn't slow the site down, they have loads of mirrors around the world for the code.

They offer a free trial, my suggestion is, give it a try. You can see why the likes of Google have invested in them. I was initially wary as well as we constantly get similar sounding emails in. But I googled them, found nothing untoward, so decided to give them a try. Best decision I made in 2010.